Barbeque Nation:Hotel Sayaji Rooftop #Reviewed

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Barbeque Nation is one of finest hotel in country.

Whenever you will visit,you will always served by specialties here..

Where it is:- It is located at Mumbai-Banglore Highway near Wakad. So you can either go by your own vehicle or Cab

Service:-Services here are always very careful and good,though we were welcomed by rain dropplets at Rooftop,they managed to take care by pushing tables and making arrangements

What to eat:-


A barbeque is always good combination for any vegetarian  including Paneer,Capsicum,Tomatoes,Pineapples,Guava,Mushrooms



Taste:Very good with Masalas,sauces to taste with it.

Starters:Veg Crispy Corn Chat,Chilly Potato with Schechwan Sauce,Potato cutlet was also good at taste



P.S(Ignore the dish,look at chilli potatoes worthy dish!)

TrexMex Special

BARBEQUE NATION has been always special ,but this one is seasonal too
Mix and flavors of masala Chats has been served here from 1st July to 8th July.
1)Nachos chat
2)Pasta chat
And many more
These chat are available with mix spices,masala and vegetables,sauces of different types
After mixing these with your choice they heat up with fire by hand cylinder gas in front of you❤️😋



Main Course:

Main Course was perfect combination of Dal,Paneer tikka,Rice,Veg tasty Biryani,Bhendi Kurkure(Higly Recommended) and everything which is normally covered.


Last but not least Dessert Section

Ramadan was just over,but menu’s are still here to serve you!


here is a full plate of dessert containing

1)phirnee within a bowl

2)Chocolate brownie cake,Pineapple cake with Chocolate chip,Mix fruit cake,and within the cute small glass the kheer is served with choco clip.

Their was also Ramajan Special Kheer and Gulab Jamun!

And you were visiting for some special occasion,cake is mandatory for you 😉

Overall taste:YUMMM!

Ambience:4.5/5.0,Live Music,Rooftop and Live grill,what else someone needed here!

It’s nothing to anything say special about BBQ,Its a brand,

Just go and take taste!

MOJO PIZZA #Reviewed

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After hearing lots of stuff about MOJO PIZZA on Instagram, I finally decided to order from MOJO PIZZA

Mojo pizza is budding,so be sure it delivers in your Area!

Where you will find:

You can order from Zomato app or Mojo Pizza App.Both are good for exploring menu.

First time I ordered from Mojo pizza App,it was good for exploration,you can explore it from categories.

Ex:Veg,Non-Veg,Appetizers,Desserts and Drinks

The Best thing about this app is you can easily track your order.

Menu explorer

You will find bunch of different varieties under various sections

As vegeterian ,I can only give advice about veges 😉

I ordered Fresh Farm Pizza..frankly it was one of my fav choice at Mojo

It looks yummy!fresh pizza with double cheese and perfectly stuffed onion,capsicum,paparica!❤️the pizza base is also fluffy,look at these pictures

After that I also ordered “Some like it hot”

As name suggests it was spicy with onion,spicyjalepenos,tomatoes,capsicum,red paparica and golden corn as stated perfectly baked

Also I order choco lava cake,which is mandatory for every pizza order for me

Perfectly chocolate syrup and fluffiness of cake is to measure

Their are other variety of pizza which I have heard are also good from Mojo paneer Tikka,Crowded House!

In Appetizer section,Garlic breads having common number of varities,can check it out!

One more thing I like it is the chilli flakes and sauce packages combined in one packed,which was so nice to get!properly decored.

Service:- The Delivery is very prompt at given time,after order,I thought if it’s out or not for delivery they identified by my mobile number what order I have place,no issues in that!

So at the end I can say Mojo pizza is really a new venture in city giving a tough competition to other brands.

Give a different try once😊

Waffles Hut Visit:Done✓

The Waffles Hut Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

View my food journey on Zomato!
Are you ready to get drooled over food!? then read this 😀

I was listening from quite long time about this waffles and chocolates eatery,then I decided to go for a visit to taste The Waffles ❤️

And trust me it was a delicious visit ever happened to me at Magarpatta city,Pune

This shortest blog post alert will give you a nice way to treat yourself!

Firstly We ordered the

1) Belgium Fries,no I am not spelling french,it was Belgium Fries with Mayonees and chilly sauce.It was quite cruncy as compared to french fries and yummy at taste

It looks ❣️

Price:90 RS

Now coming to waffles their are huge varieties in menu book,but if you want something worthy and tasteful ,have a look

@Waffles hut special

Price:Rs 220

Above dish is absolutely finest at waffles hut!Give a try

Over waffles cream and chocolate syrup in spread with chocolate pieces

Its taste is crunchy and soft at one time

@Waffles with topping of cream and Marshmallows

People who love marshmallow will surely going to eat these stuff very crucialy. Topping of cream and Marshmallows absorbed.yumm!❤️

Price is not matter here whatever you eat will surely pay off.

@waffles with cream and Oreo biscuits

@waffles with cream and chocolate sprinkle

@waffles with cream chips and chocolates chips topped with chocolate flavor with chocolate pieces at top😋

Whenever you will visit waffles hut ,go and give a try to these eataries 💖

They are worth wait and eat and let dessert be in your head!

Fariyaz Holiday Resort:5 stars #Reviewed

Fusion - Fariyas Holiday Resort Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Last Saturday I decided to know why people love Lonavala so much,I do love this place for lovely weather,but people are too crazy, I went on secret mission for this secret!

We reached at fariyaz around 8:30 PM, one thing Fariyaz is quite inside,so it’s better if you reach in light,it will be quite helpful and you can luckily witness the evening view which I missed.The entrance made me drop dead,it was so beautiful that it made my entire day

The charming water fountain❤️ with those pretty little flower,the closing wall,it was so wonderfully setted up that usually after entering normal  man would go crazy

 After entering in this huge resort,their was compartment for eateries (As always I concentrate on food things only😛)

One was for buffet and other section was having sitting arrangement.Buffet was having huge number of varities starting from Pani-Puri to Pasta to endless dinner starting from 1450 Rs per plate.Although price is a matter at Fariyaaz.

However on other side inside sitting area we have to order the food,as their was huge rush for buffet section which was having amazing orchestra,literally I got pretty little Goa feeling❤️,we opted sitting area

While I was checking through the resort ,I stucked with amazing swimming pool view

Really You want some escape from hectic schedule,this is the correct place,As I was on my one day tour I didn’t get chance to looked up on rooms,but I got to know these rooms have amazing view from Windows.

After entering in podium typed sitting area the view was pretty good

We started with some amazing soup “bhuni mirch aur makai ka shorba” unfortunately I didn’t click a picture of this but it was pretty similar to amazing moong daal soup.After that We ordered some cheesey pasta with deep sauce,the bread was so fluffy and pasta was purely mix of Italian taste

And also some Paneer afgani Spring roll,the onion chopped in pieces was so tasty as it was stirred in lemon and oil.

After that In main course I only ate normal veg biryani as my tummy was full it also tasted so yummy,

On thing on a note I want to mention that service was pretty much slow,the staff was polite but still it was pretty slow.

After eating this wonderful dinner,I checkout another side of resort, have a look

Look what view I  found by leaving this place its too glittery to eyes

And the cloak room

I must say now I discovered why people love so much lonavla

At least one time you should visit this amazing place❤️If you want a little escape from your day to day life

Le Plaisir ~ My serendipitous Encounter

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No matter at what age you are! you will surely encounter some of serendipitous moments in your life somewhere! Now targeting my food love I encounter Le Plaisir

As its a European dining restaurant as First Time visit to Le Plaisir ,I wasn’t sure what and which things you should order,frankly speaking when I entered into this cafe and first time I saw a huge board of menu which was so unknown to me                                            le1le3

Ignore the uneven images now,but Le Plaisir is that whenever you will visit you should go by advanced booking,otherwise you will have to be waiting.

If your waiting ends then you will call up Inside to grab a seat,This cafe having 2 floor arrangements, with wooden chairs and table,if you get chance to be seated on ground floor ,the lovely kitchen is surely visible to you.

Now coming to vegetarian foodie I always end up with less and minimum options but surely it was yummy and delicious whatever I have on my plate.

Firstly if you want to checked with some healthy stuff ,salads are the best option here including Pear ad walnut-Ice-burg pomegranate with the mixture of honey and Gorgonzola dressing,especially the Ice burg is rare here,so it gives you a special tasteIMG_20170506_212737412_HDR

I think this is a perfect picture to make a day!this honey taste will surely blow your mind ,with these salad one can have drinks option though we solemnly ordered house Lemonade and chocolate milkshake which was a booster to hunger I think in sunny days you need the most


For those who love cheese and butter far most we have another option for you,the very special herbed garlic bread with extra cheese and garlic chutney with coriander to serve,the real baked  bread and a saucy combination of garlic makes you yummy full


and when you think you have gain enough weight for today,Oh wait their is surprise for you! dessert is remaining.Le plaisir gives you wonderful cuisine,in which I love the chocolate and banana crape,the crape base is a rolled with combination of chocolate and banana ,those banana are deeply served with chocolate.

The le plaisir restaurant is sheerly visible on bhandarkar you can catch up everywhere from the decode this restaurant I need more words..This is beyond words.



Le plaisir is wonderful combination of ambiance,good food and good quality whatever you ordered it is ensured that it will be as according to price,that’s why this place have huge shut out in Pune

The most important thing I like is their is a love/memory wall on which customers can share their views,their memories with so much love and they are saved forever-and yes dont forget to eat the famous macron,its too tasty to eat!!!

so next time when you visit Le plaisir make sure you make your serendipitous moment too!

A fascinating visit To Himachal Pradesh



“If it’s possible to send a message from heaven, I’ll get one to you”

Who says heaven isn’t on the world? Heaven on the earth is in our beloved country, yes! In India!”Himachal Pradhesh”. This Himachal Pradhesh is additionally referred to as “Dev Bhoomi”.

Who don’t need to awaken within the morning infront of the Himalyan ranges, underneath the recent spell of snow in season? who don’t need to envision the hypnotic sun rising from the 2 large valleys? who dont want to spendtheir time within the calm and spacious environment

Situated within the North East, Himachal is standard for the abounding beauty God has talented to the present place. This beauty attracts the tourists from everywhere the planet.

Here I have something for you. Himachal has this mesmerizing beauty. This land is additionally known as as Dev Bhoomi as a result of it’s over two,1000 temples within the land itself! therefore,the band pack of beauty, religions and culture moves your heart to go to this picture beauty in ” The Incredible India”.

There are several places to go to in Himachal. Below, i’m listing the foremost frequent places of tourists hot spots, wherever you’ll undoubtedly expertise the pleasing beauty, the mossy meadows, the quick flowing streams of watercourse, ne’er before seen stunning flowers and overall sceneric spots, that give you feel that this the paradise on earth.

The sublime great thing about Rohtang Pass – i.e. the high mountain of Himalaya, at the altitude of thirteen,051 ft. it’s fifty one kms removed from Manali and you feel that the person is on the highest peak (Mount Everest) of the planet. This pass connects the Kullu with Lahual and spiti valleys. Anybody whoever trying to go to this paradise, the proper time is between September to june you’ll be certainly be exhausted by the ethnic beauty.

The next destination to be visited in Himachal is “Chamba”. God has gifted another fascinating beauty to the present little ancient city. it’s one in all the simplest traveler spots in Himachal Pradhesh, attracting many of us from everywhere the planet. The city is a couple of 50kms journey from Dalhousie. it’s not solely beautified with uneven landscapes having a number of the temples and palaces.


Picture credits:Travel Digest

The temperature at Chamba in summer is almost clear whereas in winter it’s recorded in negative recently. Chamba is known“Pahari Painting”, ancient Handicrafts and musical instruments. one in all the best places to go to throughout the vacations!

A visit to the “Kangra Valley” may be a should within the Himachal tour. it’s one in all the foremost visited places  within the season of March and April. it’s notable for journey sports and nature lovers, the very best peak on the “Dhauladhar range” (White Mountain) can certainly build your day! Kangra is additionally celebrated for its ancient temples.

How one will forget to go to the capital town of Himachal Pradhesh after visiting the state ,Shimla. The name itself describes the history of it being a favorite destination, right from movie industry to the individuals in South. town has evergreen beauty and is recognized for the educational establishments names. One may found their study destinations within the  heart core valleys.

The numerous recent British discipline buildings, having varied festivals, precipitation in Shimla makes it awe-inspiring after you enter the place. it’s the foremost favored destination since era. instead of describing in one word, one should visit this ethnic beauty. You’ll expertise that it’s on the far side words!

Kullu is one in all the best and greatest valleys within the the Himalaya. Kullu Valleys is situted over Beas watercourse at one,220 m or 4,000 ft. it’s celebrated for the hills lined with pine and Deodhar trees. Here, the climate is incredibly pleasant in September To Feb. Kullu has the proper band pack of the palaces, scenic beauty spots, spiritual temples and festivals of the various cultures. One factor that’s highly regarded in Kullu is that the loom Shawls, wherever the woolen garments have so nice quality! If you’re lucky enough you will even witness snow​fall too

From Kullu, at a really short distance, there’s Manali. Manali is a part of the Kullu district, close within the mountains. Snow capped peaks, a really favoured spot by trekkers. individuals get pleasure from watercourse Rafting, Trekking and plenty of additional audacious sports here. Kullu Manali is that the favorite spot of tourists from everywhere on the planet. Even from actors to common man, everyone switches to Manali for a vacation whenever they get time. it’s featured in several movies and you’ll conjointly get pleasure from the shooting of films Recently it had been Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani, and plenty of additional before.



Dalhousie is situated over the hills. The name Dalhousie was given once land governor Lord Dalhousie,  established this as a summer destination. Dalhousie is settled between 6000 and 9,000 feet. it’s once more adept by the elegant beauty within the Himalayan ranges. Here also, we witness the treat of British sculptures established over years. Churches, palaces and temples too. Dallhousie are often visited in summer and winter. This is also called as Mini-switzerland,

Atlast Things to Remember! When you are going on trip

  1. If you visiting these hill stations, one should pay attention of the weather condition. Carry woolen garments, your medicines etc
  1. Reservations for travelling.

III. A camera to care for the moments in future!

A bag of sweets, some snacks like chocolates, mouth fresheners, dry fruits, chips – You can’t get bored by these eateries whereas travel.

So tight up your shoes and go before it’s too late!

The whole expertise of the Himachal, the culture and therefore the scenic beauty makes a control in your mind and your heart wants to visit simply this paradise again!

Four Points by Sheraton: Worthy Visit :)

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Panash - Four Points by Sheraton Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I visited four points sometime back and I must say it was wonderful experience.

four points by Sheraton is situated in viman nagar,so travelling to viman nagar is not a tough plate of job. After entering into the hotel you will be mesmerised by the overall view,wonderful setup reception with accompanied by wooden and glass furniture,sitting foam chairs and flower decoration,it is something your eyes will capture.

more in deep in the corner their is setup bar,where their is variety of wine and drinks.


on other side their is kitchen and dining hall,it is merely close so that food is served properly and fast.


I also got a chance to look into banquet hall,it is also having good ambience with proper chairs and dine tables,more it suitable for corporate events.


I have started with the special starters including paneer roll and tomato soup,it also included non veg starter which was also good,on this event I had a wonderful dinner,it includes thali which i personally liked so much nans,rotis mixed veg sabjis and rice

their was also salad which included some leafy and tasty vegetables such cauliflower,broccoli mixed up with the chat giving another level taste.

on top of this their was “DAHI-WADA” which made my trip successful. dessert side included sizzling brownie,ice cream and jalebi

On taste wise it was wonderful experience tasting the thali in sheraton. Ambience was wonderful,and support service was also good it was worthy visit.

Kobe Sizzlers : A sabroso!

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“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” -Paul Prudhomme

So true these above words are!

Weekend! what to eat on weekend is the world most tough question you might get stuck with!Every now and then I always wanted to write about kobe sizzlers,here writing officially,as I ended with every alternate weekends visit!

I wonder where should I start writing with! kobe is wonderful continental treat with affordable price! had visited Aundh Centre as it is always favorite for me,it is also at Law college road.Whenever you entered the ambiance will surely make your day/evening.The tiny little bar setup,the wooden chairs and table are just perfect for each one of us,having two floors.

You can start with your eateries with ordering some starters.starters include veg cutlets,delicious but not as of other brand pizzas and also nugets. Salads also are their for your service for example Green Salad,Russian Salad etc.

We also find many colorful and joyful beverages including cold and hot.I ordered Ice tea it was quite good ,I like it.Coming to sizzler special their are many varieties including veg and non-veg sizzler.I ordered Veg sizzler with combo of rice and noodles with stuffed vegetables on the bed with of garlic and french fries,sometimes back their was also
SHOLAY theme on sizzler plates which personally I found quite interesting(that includes mushroom and vegetable stuffed sizzlers , not remembering the names now).

On addition to that we ordered one mocktail with fresh lemon extract and

with rose liquid based,it was also tasty.You can also end up you entire kobe jouney with dessert as I ordered the sizzling brwonie with choclates..yumm

Overall you can have hangout in kobe every time when you want sizzlers as you dinner,you will be surely satisfied!

Kobe Sizzlers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

GOA :On Board

‘To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.’- Elizabeth Gilbert

One who is truly Indian,before the entity wants to die,He or She definitely wants to visit Goa once in a life .

Well what to say about Goa everyone knows about Goa but still don’t know about Goa.If you have truly made your mind to visit some exhausting places this year then here it is the paradise on earth—” GOA”
Well you can reach goa by train ,flight or Bus transport it’s as easy as that and after reaching in Goa you can book your hotel/resorts on moment or you wish to make pre planning,it’s totally depends what experience you want to make their out.
Nature and Beaches, Goa is incomplete without beaches .Do not miss any beach in goa..everyone has beauty at it’s own.Try to catch every beach if possible ,you will be heavily mesmerize by beach beauty!..Just like any other vacation, it would be incomplete not to indulge yourself in adventure sports, wouldn’t it? From scuba diving, Cruise SafariBeach-Wallpaper-S5

Image Courtesy:Wallpeperic

parasailing, snorkeling, jet skiing, to wind surfing, it offers a plethora of options to induce an adrenaline rush in you. And at the top of cherry, there are other attractions such as such as Agoda Fort,Flea Market,Many Historical and old Churches and also Spiritual Places such as Mangeshi Temple if anyone wants to involve in religious places.
Goa is also famous for the surprising number of unique Casino’s and Bar,it is the full of foreigners and wealthy people (wink,wink) Travelers have their choice of Bars,Disco that are set up in most vivacious and interesting way .So the nightlife lovers have no chance to get disappoint in any way!Way to go Guys!
They also have an abundant cloths market on every street of goa which will be done in cheaper cost probably.On Funnier side, if your visiting goa please keep very few clothes with you as goa will tempt you to follow their fashion heavily.
Also famous for the quality of restaurants with international cuisine, one place you cannot afford to miss the cuisine for all type of food lovers Yeah, that’s another prominent feature of this famous eatery.
The best time to visit Goa is during it’s winter months, which last from about May to October, with rare chances of rain and risk of storms to occur. However, since it’s also the tourist season, the prices are higher than usual. But Goa is always pack of tourist and it’s color can be explore in any season.
It is perfectly designed to give you an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. So what are you waiting for?
Buckle up Your shoes and live it to fullest!

“DREAM,Visualize and ACHIEVE”

Ever thought of becoming something,ever seen someone and thinking Wow! can I be like her or him! Can I achieve this!okay,you think about these and tell yourself NO , they have done lot of hard work from the beginning ages and what they have achieved is the fruit of their hard work,you can directly link with the winners of Rio Olympics! If Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps had done the same thing with them,World will be different for them and for us too!

But Okay you can start from scratch if you seriously wants to achieve something in you life whatever you want to achieve in any field ,you may fail thousand or million times,you may get hurt,you will cry,sometimes you will want to end life,but these are a the sweetest memory(may hard at that time)you are creating  for yourself whenever you will look back in your time,the hardest memories will bring the sigh smile on your face that YES!.I HAVE DONE SOMETHING IN MY LIFE !

So Just DREAM it by open eyes,make your plans and strategies accordingly ,scratch it,erase it and make it ,VISUALIZE from your whole soul,may have to deal with thousand negative energies around you,Just beat them ,throw up in high sky with your positivity and ACHIEVE your Goal.

Winning faces