“DREAM,Visualize and ACHIEVE”

Ever thought of becoming something,ever seen someone and thinking Wow! can I be like her or him! Can I achieve this!okay,you think about these and tell yourself NO , they have done lot of hard work from the beginning ages and what they have achieved is the fruit of their hard work,you can directly link with the winners of Rio Olympics! If Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps had done the same thing with them,World will be different for them and for us too!

But Okay you can start from scratch if you seriously wants to achieve something in you life whatever you want to achieve in any field ,you may fail thousand or million times,you may get hurt,you will cry,sometimes you will want to end life,but these are a the sweetest memory(may hard at that time)you are creating  for yourself whenever you will look back in your time,the hardest memories will bring the sigh smile on your face that YES!.I HAVE DONE SOMETHING IN MY LIFE !

So Just DREAM it by open eyes,make your plans and strategies accordingly ,scratch it,erase it and make it ,VISUALIZE from your whole soul,may have to deal with thousand negative energies around you,Just beat them ,throw up in high sky with your positivity and ACHIEVE your Goal.

Winning faces





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