GOA :On Board

‘To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.’- Elizabeth Gilbert

One who is truly Indian,before the entity wants to die,He or She definitely wants to visit Goa once in a life .

Well what to say about Goa everyone knows about Goa but still don’t know about Goa.If you have truly made your mind to visit some exhausting places this year then here it is the paradise on earth—” GOA”
Well you can reach goa by train ,flight or Bus transport it’s as easy as that and after reaching in Goa you can book your hotel/resorts on moment or you wish to make pre planning,it’s totally depends what experience you want to make their out.
Nature and Beaches, Goa is incomplete without beaches .Do not miss any beach in goa..everyone has beauty at it’s own.Try to catch every beach if possible ,you will be heavily mesmerize by beach beauty!..Just like any other vacation, it would be incomplete not to indulge yourself in adventure sports, wouldn’t it? From scuba diving, Cruise SafariBeach-Wallpaper-S5

Image Courtesy:Wallpeperic

parasailing, snorkeling, jet skiing, to wind surfing, it offers a plethora of options to induce an adrenaline rush in you. And at the top of cherry, there are other attractions such as such as Agoda Fort,Flea Market,Many Historical and old Churches and also Spiritual Places such as Mangeshi Temple if anyone wants to involve in religious places.
Goa is also famous for the surprising number of unique Casino’s and Bar,it is the full of foreigners and wealthy people (wink,wink) Travelers have their choice of Bars,Disco that are set up in most vivacious and interesting way .So the nightlife lovers have no chance to get disappoint in any way!Way to go Guys!
They also have an abundant cloths market on every street of goa which will be done in cheaper cost probably.On Funnier side, if your visiting goa please keep very few clothes with you as goa will tempt you to follow their fashion heavily.
Also famous for the quality of restaurants with international cuisine, one place you cannot afford to miss the cuisine for all type of food lovers Yeah, that’s another prominent feature of this famous eatery.
The best time to visit Goa is during it’s winter months, which last from about May to October, with rare chances of rain and risk of storms to occur. However, since it’s also the tourist season, the prices are higher than usual. But Goa is always pack of tourist and it’s color can be explore in any season.
It is perfectly designed to give you an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. So what are you waiting for?
Buckle up Your shoes and live it to fullest!


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