A fascinating visit To Himachal Pradesh

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“If it’s possible to send a message from heaven, I’ll get one to you”

Who says heaven isn’t on the world? Heaven on the earth is in our beloved country, yes! In India!”Himachal Pradhesh”. This Himachal Pradhesh is additionally referred to as “Dev Bhoomi”.

Who don’t need to awaken within the morning infront of the Himalyan ranges, underneath the recent spell of snow in season? who don’t need to envision the hypnotic sun rising from the 2 large valleys? who dont want to spendtheir time within the calm and spacious environment

Situated within the North East, Himachal is standard for the abounding beauty God has talented to the present place. This beauty attracts the tourists from everywhere the planet.

Here I have something for you. Himachal has this mesmerizing beauty. This land is additionally known as as Dev Bhoomi as a result of it’s over two,1000 temples within the land itself! therefore,the band pack of beauty, religions and culture moves your heart to go to this picture beauty in ” The Incredible India”.

There are several places to go to in Himachal. Below, i’m listing the foremost frequent places of tourists hot spots, wherever you’ll undoubtedly expertise the pleasing beauty, the mossy meadows, the quick flowing streams of watercourse, ne’er before seen stunning flowers and overall sceneric spots, that give you feel that this the paradise on earth.

The sublime great thing about Rohtang Pass – i.e. the high mountain of Himalaya, at the altitude of thirteen,051 ft. it’s fifty one kms removed from Manali and you feel that the person is on the highest peak (Mount Everest) of the planet. This pass connects the Kullu with Lahual and spiti valleys. Anybody whoever trying to go to this paradise, the proper time is between September to june you’ll be certainly be exhausted by the ethnic beauty.

The next destination to be visited in Himachal is “Chamba”. God has gifted another fascinating beauty to the present little ancient city. it’s one in all the simplest traveler spots in Himachal Pradhesh, attracting many of us from everywhere the planet. The city is a couple of 50kms journey from Dalhousie. it’s not solely beautified with uneven landscapes having a number of the temples and palaces.


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The temperature at Chamba in summer is almost clear whereas in winter it’s recorded in negative recently. Chamba is known“Pahari Painting”, ancient Handicrafts and musical instruments. one in all the best places to go to throughout the vacations!

A visit to the “Kangra Valley” may be a should within the Himachal tour. it’s one in all the foremost visited places  within the season of March and April. it’s notable for journey sports and nature lovers, the very best peak on the “Dhauladhar range” (White Mountain) can certainly build your day! Kangra is additionally celebrated for its ancient temples.

How one will forget to go to the capital town of Himachal Pradhesh after visiting the state ,Shimla. The name itself describes the history of it being a favorite destination, right from movie industry to the individuals in South. town has evergreen beauty and is recognized for the educational establishments names. One may found their study destinations within the  heart core valleys.

The numerous recent British discipline buildings, having varied festivals, precipitation in Shimla makes it awe-inspiring after you enter the place. it’s the foremost favored destination since era. instead of describing in one word, one should visit this ethnic beauty. You’ll expertise that it’s on the far side words!

Kullu is one in all the best and greatest valleys within the the Himalaya. Kullu Valleys is situted over Beas watercourse at one,220 m or 4,000 ft. it’s celebrated for the hills lined with pine and Deodhar trees. Here, the climate is incredibly pleasant in September To Feb. Kullu has the proper band pack of the palaces, scenic beauty spots, spiritual temples and festivals of the various cultures. One factor that’s highly regarded in Kullu is that the loom Shawls, wherever the woolen garments have so nice quality! If you’re lucky enough you will even witness snow​fall too

From Kullu, at a really short distance, there’s Manali. Manali is a part of the Kullu district, close within the mountains. Snow capped peaks, a really favoured spot by trekkers. individuals get pleasure from watercourse Rafting, Trekking and plenty of additional audacious sports here. Kullu Manali is that the favorite spot of tourists from everywhere on the planet. Even from actors to common man, everyone switches to Manali for a vacation whenever they get time. it’s featured in several movies and you’ll conjointly get pleasure from the shooting of films Recently it had been Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani, and plenty of additional before.


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Dalhousie is situated over the hills. The name Dalhousie was given once land governor Lord Dalhousie,  established this as a summer destination. Dalhousie is settled between 6000 and 9,000 feet. it’s once more adept by the elegant beauty within the Himalayan ranges. Here also, we witness the treat of British sculptures established over years. Churches, palaces and temples too. Dallhousie are often visited in summer and winter. This is also called as Mini-switzerland,

Atlast Things to Remember! When you are going on trip

  1. If you visiting these hill stations, one should pay attention of the weather condition. Carry woolen garments, your medicines etc
  1. Reservations for travelling.

III. A camera to care for the moments in future!

A bag of sweets, some snacks like chocolates, mouth fresheners, dry fruits, chips – You can’t get bored by these eateries whereas travel.

So tight up your shoes and go before it’s too late!

The whole expertise of the Himachal, the culture and therefore the scenic beauty makes a control in your mind and your heart wants to visit simply this paradise again!


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