Waffles Hut Visit:Done✓

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Are you ready to get drooled over food!? then read this 😀

I was listening from quite long time about this waffles and chocolates eatery,then I decided to go for a visit to taste The Waffles ❤️

And trust me it was a delicious visit ever happened to me at Magarpatta city,Pune

This shortest blog post alert will give you a nice way to treat yourself!

Firstly We ordered the

1) Belgium Fries,no I am not spelling french,it was Belgium Fries with Mayonees and chilly sauce.It was quite cruncy as compared to french fries and yummy at taste

It looks ❣️

Price:90 RS

Now coming to waffles their are huge varieties in menu book,but if you want something worthy and tasteful ,have a look

@Waffles hut special

Price:Rs 220

Above dish is absolutely finest at waffles hut!Give a try

Over waffles cream and chocolate syrup in spread with chocolate pieces

Its taste is crunchy and soft at one time

@Waffles with topping of cream and Marshmallows

People who love marshmallow will surely going to eat these stuff very crucialy. Topping of cream and Marshmallows absorbed.yumm!❤️

Price is not matter here whatever you eat will surely pay off.

@waffles with cream and Oreo biscuits

@waffles with cream and chocolate sprinkle

@waffles with cream chips and chocolates chips topped with chocolate flavor with chocolate pieces at top😋

Whenever you will visit waffles hut ,go and give a try to these eataries 💖

They are worth wait and eat and let dessert be in your head!


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