MOJO PIZZA #Reviewed

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After hearing lots of stuff about MOJO PIZZA on Instagram, I finally decided to order from MOJO PIZZA

Mojo pizza is budding,so be sure it delivers in your Area!

Where you will find:

You can order from Zomato app or Mojo Pizza App.Both are good for exploring menu.

First time I ordered from Mojo pizza App,it was good for exploration,you can explore it from categories.

Ex:Veg,Non-Veg,Appetizers,Desserts and Drinks

The Best thing about this app is you can easily track your order.

Menu explorer

You will find bunch of different varieties under various sections

As vegeterian ,I can only give advice about veges 😉

I ordered Fresh Farm Pizza..frankly it was one of my fav choice at Mojo

It looks yummy!fresh pizza with double cheese and perfectly stuffed onion,capsicum,paparica!❤️the pizza base is also fluffy,look at these pictures

After that I also ordered “Some like it hot”

As name suggests it was spicy with onion,spicyjalepenos,tomatoes,capsicum,red paparica and golden corn as stated perfectly baked

Also I order choco lava cake,which is mandatory for every pizza order for me

Perfectly chocolate syrup and fluffiness of cake is to measure

Their are other variety of pizza which I have heard are also good from Mojo paneer Tikka,Crowded House!

In Appetizer section,Garlic breads having common number of varities,can check it out!

One more thing I like it is the chilli flakes and sauce packages combined in one packed,which was so nice to get!properly decored.

Service:- The Delivery is very prompt at given time,after order,I thought if it’s out or not for delivery they identified by my mobile number what order I have place,no issues in that!

So at the end I can say Mojo pizza is really a new venture in city giving a tough competition to other brands.

Give a different try once😊


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