Fariyaz Holiday Resort:5 stars #Reviewed

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Last Saturday I decided to know why people love Lonavala so much,I do love this place for lovely weather,but people are too crazy, I went on secret mission for this secret!

We reached at fariyaz around 8:30 PM, one thing Fariyaz is quite inside,so it’s better if you reach in light,it will be quite helpful and you can luckily witness the evening view which I missed.The entrance made me drop dead,it was so beautiful that it made my entire day

The charming water fountain❤️ with those pretty little flower,the closing wall,it was so wonderfully setted up that usually after entering normal  man would go crazy

 After entering in this huge resort,their was compartment for eateries (As always I concentrate on food things only😛)

One was for buffet and other section was having sitting arrangement.Buffet was having huge number of varities starting from Pani-Puri to Pasta to endless dinner starting from 1450 Rs per plate.Although price is a matter at Fariyaaz.

However on other side inside sitting area we have to order the food,as their was huge rush for buffet section which was having amazing orchestra,literally I got pretty little Goa feeling❤️,we opted sitting area

While I was checking through the resort ,I stucked with amazing swimming pool view

Really You want some escape from hectic schedule,this is the correct place,As I was on my one day tour I didn’t get chance to looked up on rooms,but I got to know these rooms have amazing view from Windows.

After entering in podium typed sitting area the view was pretty good

We started with some amazing soup “bhuni mirch aur makai ka shorba” unfortunately I didn’t click a picture of this but it was pretty similar to amazing moong daal soup.After that We ordered some cheesey pasta with deep sauce,the bread was so fluffy and pasta was purely mix of Italian taste

And also some Paneer afgani Spring roll,the onion chopped in pieces was so tasty as it was stirred in lemon and oil.

After that In main course I only ate normal veg biryani as my tummy was full it also tasted so yummy,

On thing on a note I want to mention that service was pretty much slow,the staff was polite but still it was pretty slow.

After eating this wonderful dinner,I checkout another side of resort, have a look

Look what view I  found by leaving this place its too glittery to eyes

And the cloak room

I must say now I discovered why people love so much lonavla

At least one time you should visit this amazing place❤️If you want a little escape from your day to day life


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  1. Every single picture made me feel relaxed. I’d definitely go here to get away from it all.

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  2. Hey, thank you so much for this kind word.Whenever you will come in India,do visit this place🙂


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