Le Plaisir ~ My serendipitous Encounter

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No matter at what age you are! you will surely encounter some of serendipitous moments in your life somewhere! Now targeting my food love I encounter Le Plaisir

As its a European dining restaurant as First Time visit to Le Plaisir ,I wasn’t sure what and which things you should order,frankly speaking when I entered into this cafe and first time I saw a huge board of menu which was so unknown to me                                            le1le3

Ignore the uneven images now,but Le Plaisir is that whenever you will visit you should go by advanced booking,otherwise you will have to be waiting.

If your waiting ends then you will call up Inside to grab a seat,This cafe having 2 floor arrangements, with wooden chairs and table,if you get chance to be seated on ground floor ,the lovely kitchen is surely visible to you.

Now coming to vegetarian foodie I always end up with less and minimum options but surely it was yummy and delicious whatever I have on my plate.

Firstly if you want to checked with some healthy stuff ,salads are the best option here including Pear ad walnut-Ice-burg pomegranate with the mixture of honey and Gorgonzola dressing,especially the Ice burg is rare here,so it gives you a special tasteIMG_20170506_212737412_HDR

I think this is a perfect picture to make a day!this honey taste will surely blow your mind ,with these salad one can have drinks option though we solemnly ordered house Lemonade and chocolate milkshake which was a booster to hunger I think in sunny days you need the most


For those who love cheese and butter far most we have another option for you,the very special herbed garlic bread with extra cheese and garlic chutney with coriander to serve,the real baked  bread and a saucy combination of garlic makes you yummy full


and when you think you have gain enough weight for today,Oh wait their is surprise for you! dessert is remaining.Le plaisir gives you wonderful cuisine,in which I love the chocolate and banana crape,the crape base is a rolled with combination of chocolate and banana ,those banana are deeply served with chocolate.

The le plaisir restaurant is sheerly visible on bhandarkar Road.so you can catch up everywhere from the city.to decode this restaurant I need more words..This is beyond words.



Le plaisir is wonderful combination of ambiance,good food and good quality whatever you ordered it is ensured that it will be as according to price,that’s why this place have huge shut out in Pune

The most important thing I like is their is a love/memory wall on which customers can share their views,their memories with so much love and they are saved forever-and yes dont forget to eat the famous macron,its too tasty to eat!!!

so next time when you visit Le plaisir make sure you make your serendipitous moment too!


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